What Flutes Play Together Well?

I’m often asked: What Native American flutes play together well? Here’s an explanation of how to find a Native American flute that will complement and harmonize with one of the flutes you already own.

First, you need to know the fundamental note of your current flute. The fundamental note is the lowest note that your flute will play and is also considered the key of your flute. Below (in bold) are the keys of Native American flutes.

First find your flute in the row below and count 5 intervals to the left or 5 intervals to the right. The flute that you land on will then harmonize with your flute.

High A, G#, G, F#, F, E, D#, D, C#, C, B, A# Low

Example: If you have a G flute, count F#, F, E, D#, D (5 intervals)
The flute to play with is a flute in the key of D.

Or, go 5 intervals in the other direction: G#, A, A#, B, C
The flute to play with is a flute in the key of C.

You will also find that flutes that are one octave apart also play well together.