Native American Style Flutes

From the Native American style flute workshop of Chuck Pavey

fluteshop-017.jpg Welcome to Magic Wind Flutes, the home of handmade Native American style flutes. My name is Chuck Pavey. Thank you for taking the time to visit this site, where you can learn more about Native American style flutes and even buy your own beautiful instrument.

Magic Wind flutes are born of my passion for the Native American style flute. It is with pleasure and with joy that I create, tune and finish each and every one. You can see me at work on one of my flutes in the following video:

If you’re interested in learning to play the Native American style flute yourself, this recommended starter flute in the key of G is an excellent way to begin making beautiful music of your own. It combines ease of play with a sweet, melodious tone.

Other Magic Wind flutes come in many different keys and a selection of many fine woods. If you’re interested in buying a Magic Wind flute from flutes currently in stock, please visit the flutes listed in our Available Flutes section. Those wishing to purchase a custom-made flute can view examples in our Custom flute categories. This complete price list will help you find the right instrument and guide you in your decision to buy a Native American style flute.

You can learn more about the Native American flute from an excellent article based on material found in Wikipedia, the free online encyclopedia. This article gives a wonderful overview of Native American style flutes — including their history and design — and I recommend it to you most warmly.

As you search for a Native American style flute to call your own, please consider the work of my heart and hands. I hope you receive as much fulfillment from playing one of my flutes as I do in making it for you.

In love and balance,