Native American Plains Style Flute in A minor

This Plains-style Native American flute is tuned to the key of A minor and was created in the Magic Wind workshop. This flute has Tulip ends and Block The flute is available in several types of wood, including softwoods (cedar, poplar or redwood), medium- or hardwoods (cherry, walnut or oak), and a choice of exotic woods such as Bolivian rosewood, bocote, zebra, yellowheart or paduke according to availability. To order this Native American flute, please visit our How to Order page.

Listen to this flute:


Specifications & Photo
Type of wood:
Finger spacing:
A minor
West Cedar and Tulip
18 1/8 inches
7/8 inches
Max. 1 1/8 inches


aflute-021.jpg aflute-024.jpg